Much of my own art draws inspiration from the natural world, and I particularly enjoy projects that allow the participants to experience nature through creative practice. You may have an outdoor space that you would like to use for creative activities, or perhaps an indoor workshop using natural materials would suit you better.

Sessions may include:

Model making- Using natural materials to create sculpture, miniature worlds, images and puppets.

Rock art- Creating outdoor installations using stones, and decorating pebbles with paint and collage techniques.

Mud sculpture- The clue is in the name!

Group installations- Each individual attaching found natural objects to a base structure, to create an ever growing and evolving art piece.

Leaf printing- Working with leaves and canvas to produce natural prints.

Collage- Using found natural materials to create collage on a base of bark or wood.

Lantern making- Making and decorating vessels for tea lights.

Campfire crafts- Making charcoal in the fire and using shadow play around the fire to inspire storytelling.

It is impossible for me to demonstrate the vast variety and number of workshops that I have undertaken, particularly as many of my photos have children’s faces that I cannot put on the internet. Below is a small selection of images from recent projects.

If you want to discuss an idea, or get a quote, please get in touch.

Outdoor Arts