I love a good festival and am always eager to get my wellies and hat out for good times! Be it a small town gala or the Kidz field at Glastonbury, I relish the challenge of providing entertainment, visual features, smiles and inspiration for any festival event.

I can design and create colourful features and site decorations, either by commission or through community workshops. Not only can I help to visually funk up any site, but i can also provide creative activities at the event itself.

Recent projects include:

Glastonbury Festival- You can find me every year on the spectacular Kidz Field, making children smile throughout the festival, regardless of the mud. Every year I take a team of artists to create installations on the field and run activities in the enormous crafts tent. For the past couple of years we have made a giant glittery ‘Glastontree’ and decorated it throughout the festival with beautiful creations from the workshops. We also harvest words from the children’s imaginations and write stories with them during the workshops.

WOW Festival, Wigan- I was commissioned to work with several community groups, from nursing homes to scout groups, building carnival features and site decorations for the event. With the help of a small army of participants, I produced many many metres of bunting, giant butterflies, flags, banners, installations and carnival puppets. I also ran a collage workshop on the day, producing a 6 metre frieze which was sent as a gift to a town in Africa that was taking part in an exchange programme with the area.

Preston Mela- I was offered funding to work with school children from the rural areas around Preston, to produce a shadow puppet show to be performed at the festival. I ran after school clubs to produce a story, puppets and production, which was a great success and went on to perform extra shows once the festival had finished.

Riversway Festival- I worked on a sculpture of a giant fish, which was decorated during the workshops that I ran on the day of the event. In the evening, the fish was placed on a boat, illuminated from inside and floated round Preston docks to accompany the spectacular light and firework display to close the festival.

Green man Festival- I regularly run workshops to accompany the productions of Dynamic New Animation, a puppetry and visual theatre company. For a few years they had a huge marquee which we took to festivals and filled with back to back shows. At the Green man we did three different productions a day, and on top of working killer days as a roadie in torrential rain and knee deep mud, I ran complementary puppet workshops in between the shows.

Grimsargh Field Day- Thanks to a pot of Guild funding, Grimsargh toddler group commissioned me to run a stall at the event, making musical instruments from scrap materials. Working alongside a musician, we soon had the kids jamming away with their newly created instruments.

It is impossible for me to demonstrate the vast variety and number of workshops that I have undertaken, particularly as many of my photos have children’s faces that I cannot put on the internet. Below is a small selection of images from recent projects.

If you want to discuss an idea, or get a quote, please get in touch.