I specialise in creative learning for both primary and high schools, which involves me taking a lesson in any subject, to cover a particular curriculum topic. I design the lesson to be creative, visual and very hands on for the pupils. This makes the topic memorable and has been proven to significantly improve pupil performance and exam results in that topic.

Recent projects include:

Music and biology- A high school in Colne approached me, wanting to cover plant biology in science and families of orchestral instruments in music. I devised a program of lessons that culminated in the class making musical instruments out of vegetables in the science lab and then playing them in a performance. I was working with the bottom set of pupils, but when it came to the exams, they achieved higher marks in these topics than all of the other sets. This is because their lessons were creative, visual, hands on, and so memorable that the pupils had learned what they needed to without even realising it.

Chewing gum project- A term long project to learn about designing experiments and data collection in physics and the environmental problems associated with chewing gum. We made chewing gum in the lab (a very messy but fun activity) and designed experiments using different methods to remove gum from different surfaces. We used and painted the chewed gum to make art pieces for the school and also designed and made gum boards for the environmentally friendly disposal of used gum.

Alcohol arts project- A long term after school project for a group of teenage girls identified as at risk of developing problems associated with alcohol and binge drinking. Working in partnership with the Young People’s Service the project instilled confidence and self worth in the girls, educated them on issues that they were facing and gave them an outlet to voice their concerns and ask all the questions that they had no one else to ask. They produced a fantastic exhibition of work and we also received a young people’s award for the best contribution by a group for a film that we made exposing the risks of binge drinking. The film is now used as an educational tool in schools.

Rwanda project- A term long project with a group of teenagers at a pupil referral unit in Blackpool. I was challenged to make the topic of ‘genocide in Rwanda’ exciting, stimulating and memorable with plenty of hands on activities to stimulate education and social learning. Activities revolved around developing characters from either side of the conflict, making models of them and exploring what their daily lives would entail through a series of creative activities.

Baba Yaga shadow puppets- A day of workshops with primary school children in Manchester to explore the science topic of light and the folk stories of Baba Yaga that they have been learning about in class.

It is impossible for me to demonstrate the vast variety and number of workshops that I have undertaken, particularly as many of my photos have children’s faces that I cannot put on the internet. Below is a small selection of images from recent projects.

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Creative Learning in Schools