Creative projects can bring a community together and enable great things to happen. Friendships are forged, ideas are born and everybody can be included. Social issues can be addressed and the participants can get involved to help their community flourish. I have run projects for councils, youth clubs, libraries, skate parks, community centres, churches, charities, retirement homes and toddler groups to name but a few.

I design a lot of family learning sessions which involve enabling parents and families to interact on a creative project and learn valuable skills and techniques. The sessions inspire carers and parents to spend time and be creative with their children and provide inspiration for future activities that they can do as a family.

Past projects include:

Skatepark project- Having been approached by local teenagers who were keen to take ownership of their new skatepark, I ran a lottery funded graffiti project for over a year at the local youth club. We addressed and improved many issues of antisocial behaviour amongst the teenage population in the area. Most of the project participants received AQA qualifications and many gained young volunteer awards for their hard work and went on to assist in the management of the parks’s summer skate competition.

Heaven and Hell project- I was awarded a grant from the Youth Evangelical Fund, as part of the local church’s community outreach programme. I ran a series of workshops at the youth centre which ended in an exhibition in the church exploring the participants’ notions of heaven and hell. As a result, I was invited by the funders to make four giant canvases at Westminster Abbey with about one hundred young people from across the country. The work explored and communicated the youngsters’ ideas, suggestions and hopes for the church of today and was presented to both Arch Bishops at Lambeth Palace. It now hangs on a 12th century wall to add a splash of colour and vibrancy to the rows of ancient oil paintings on either side!

Chrysalis project- A city wide project in Preston, educating communities on the topic of personal and social wellbeing through art. A huge variety of work was produced for a multi venue exhibition in the city.

Wind in the Willows project- A council funded project aimed at improving access to theatre and culture for deprived families. I ran shadow puppet workshops at many venues to accompany a theatre tour.

Sunflower project- A huge project spanning three schools and a community centre in Blackpool. The workshops were to enable families to work together and interact with one another, thus strengthening the community and pride in the area. The sessions produced ways to brighten up the estate and the lives of its inhabitants. Each session offered the opportunity to make something to take home and a chance to contribute towards a huge group artwork for each venue. The theme was also taken up by the schools and incorporated into all subject areas over one term.

Seasons project- Using the blueprint of the successful sunflower project, I was recommissioned by Blackpool council to do another series of workshops on the estate. I worked with the parents, children, schools, nursery and community centre over several months to produce a well received exhibition of work at the city learning centre.

It is impossible for me to demonstrate the vast variety and number of community projects that I have undertaken, particularly as many of my photos have children’s faces that I cannot put on the internet. Below is a small selection of images from recent projects.

If you want to discuss an idea, or get a quote, please get in touch.

Community Projects


"Sarah Hicks has worked very successfully with hard to reach families in Blackpool on various projects.  She has an enthusiastic, creative and friendly approach and always engages participants in activity that they own. She provides clear plans and good variation of activities that move participants on in their learning and own art form development. The sunflower project developed with Sarah enabled families to engage positively with their environment, plant, grow and work with nature in a creative way. It was also used to create collective pieces to express their community. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah for work in creative arts."   


                                                                                                               Celine Wyatt. Schools Cultural Development Officer, Blackpool Council